International Exhibition “Form of Water”

International Exhibition "Form of Water" in Rome

"Water form" / Watercolor unites masters from all over the world
In November 2017 in Rome, on the basis of the Russian Cultural Center will be truly a landmark event. In the project the threads of creativity from all over the world will intertwine, but the main part of the exposition will be made by the creations of Russian and Italian masters.

In particular, the first Russian hall will feature selected works by Konstantin Sterkhov, Ilya Ibriaev, Olga Litvinenko, Alexander Votsmush, Masha Kurbatova, Sergei Temeryov and Sergei Kurbatov.
The second exhibition hall will be dedicated to the work of recognized watercolors from Italy, including Ekaterina Sava, Massimiliano Locco, Roberto Zangarelli, Igor Sava, Angelo Gorlini, Vladimir Khasiev and Pasqualino Fracasso.

The exhibition "Form of water" will embody the unity of the creative spirit of such different nations, whose states are divided thousands of kilometers away. The reality of creativity and harmony of the world view of free talent will open a simple truth for the audience. In the process of global changes, political and economic changes, the main hope for preserving the spiritual connection and unity between people around the world is placed on art. Creativity that unites.

Each of the guests of Rome who have glanced at the exhibition in the Russian Cultural Center, will be surprised and pleased with the variety of watercolor directions: landscapes, portraits, still lifes, illustrations, abstract compositions, genre works. Different in meaning and technique, but united in the creative impulse of the masters, who created each of the unique creations of the exposition. Presently, the diamonds of the vernissage will be the third hall, which unites famous artists from private collections from all over the world. These names are worthy of the best world galleries: Joseph Zbukvic (Australia), Alvaro Castagnet (Uruguai), Chien Chung-Wei (Taiwan), Milind Mulick (India), Janine Gallizia (France), Liu Yi (China), Ali Abbas Syed (Pakistan), Joe Dowden (England), Endre Penovác (Serbia), La Fe (Thailand), Amit Kapoor (India), Eugen Kisnichan (Moldova) and Prafull Sawant (India).

International exhibition "Form of water" will be held from November 17 to 23, 2017 in the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Rome. Opening of the exhibition will be held on November 17 at 18:30. During the exhibition there will be free demonstrations of masters from the Italian and Russian sides.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to see an extraordinary exhibition gathered by people who have devoted themselves to the development of art and the connections between artists from all over the world.


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